TT Treasure Hunt

There's gold in them there tables! Get ready to practice times tables like never before.

Get to know your multiples (another word for the numbers in a times table) with this fast paced game.

Quick Start

What you need to play

Set Up

Set up

Remove the zero from the pack and lay the cards out in a grid, colour side up of cards in front of you. You're ready to go.

How to Play

How to Play

Choose a times table to do. Put that times table at the side of the cards.

Players take it in turns to have a go. Each turn:

  1. Pick a card and check if the number is in the chosen times table.
  2. If the card is in your target times table, keep the cards.
  3. If it does not have a number in your chosen times table, put the card back.
  4. If you think that there are no cards left in that times table:
    • Make a No More Multiples claim
    • The rest of the players get a chance to challenge your claim by picking a card
    • If any of them find a number in the times table, put the NMM card back and give up one of your won cards
    • If none of the players find a target card, the games over and you can count points (NMM card counts for 3 points)

What maths are we practising?

This has a similar but opposite goal to the activity Colour Detectives. You want to look for patterns as players start to find cards that match the target times table. The importance of this game lies in:

  1. Practising Observation
  2. Recognising numbers as multiples of particular times tables
  3. Recognising links with other multiple groups such as the 5 and the 10 times table.

This is the start to learning how to read the colours. Once you're aware that the patterns are there and you have used them and relied on them a few times in these games, it becomes easier to try to learn them.