Flash Card Clash

Practice is a behaviour and one that's worth making habitual.

It's valuable to test yourself. It's helpful for your long term memory to do spaced retrieval practice too. But the main benefit in this activity is to develop a valuable habit of number pracitce.

Quick Start

What you need to play

  • 1 pack of cards
  • tracking slip
  • Card holder (optional - useful for triggering the habit)

Set Up

Set up

Choose a few cards to try to remember. They can be cards that you're confident with or cards that you want to be able to recall. You can even put a random set of cards in.

How to Play

How to Play

Get your cards in a pile, colour side up. They can just be in your hands or on the table. When you're ready, set and start a timer for 1 - 5 minutes.

Work out or recall as best you can what the number is on the other side of the card.

  1. If you are right, place the card on the right, number side up
  2. If not, place the card on your left number side up.
  3. Do the same with the next card
  • Once you've done your alloted cards, fill in your tracking slip for that intention.
  • What maths are we practising?

    This is best done as spaced retrieval practice. Choose a few cards that you think you won't remember amongst some that you (or your children) will. Then just get into the habit of recalling knowledge.

    well actually, we are still practicing multiplication but by concept rather than individual times tables being memorised. You will need to think about what times table apply to any card and what the easiest times table calculation is.

    Think about the following too:

    1. Timing is just to put a limit on the activity. It's not about racing or doing it fast.
    2. Make a not of the numbers you got correct on the tracking slip
    3. Set an intention try some of the cards that were wrong for about 3 days later